How To Use Recovery Social Network

Hello everyone i am the creator of Recovery Social Network and i figured i would post something to tech you guys how to use RSN.

Set up and Customize your profile And Connect:

You set up your profile just like face book tell a little bit about yourself and upload some pictures. If you don’t feel comfortable uploading a picture of yourself than that is okay upload an avatar or an NA  or AA symbol or something, try no to leave it blank though because that is boring. With RSN you can customize your page a little more like you could on Myspace, you can customize your layout and you can even set up a media player. with the media player you can have it play music when a friend visits your profile! Just like Facebook you can add people to be your friend, and they have to accept you. With RSN you don’t have to know the people in person to send them a friend request the whole point is to connect with new people. You can also send anyone whether they are your friend or not a private message.

Start Your Own Blog:

With RSN you can start your own blog. Most people think the same thing. Wow that’s awesome but what should i blog about? Here are some tips and questions that can help you to keep the creative juices flowing as your blog starts to take shape.

What are your expertise? people want to read about what you know and your special experiences. Really they do!

What is in the news? Give your view on what is happening in your industry. ( by industry i mean whatever topic your blog is about. but it doesn’t have to have a topic.)

What is your personality like? Do you like to take a stance?Are you funny? Try to really put your personality into your blog!

you can also blog about what someone else has already. you can create a blog entry by writing word for word a section from the basic text. Or you can copy and paste a really good article that you read. But this is very important if you do this make sure you give credit to the author of the article and the readers know you didn’t write it.

What posts are more likely to be read? There are no fast rules, but these types prove to be really popular:

  1. Top Reasons Why or Why Not … (list posts of any number are great)
  2. Q&A or Interviews (ask an expert from your industry)
  3. How I Use … (review a product, movie, book, technology, etc.)
  4. If I Were A … (put yourself in someone else’s shoes or imagine a new experience)
  5. Personal Posts (our humanness often endears audiences even more)

After you write your blog entry you can change the URL to whatever you would like. This URL is what the link is going to look like if you send a link to a friend. In the tags section put in short words or phrases what your blog entry is all about these tags will help people find your blog and the more entry’s you have the more people will find it. Make sure that you put a comma after each work and if its a phrase put it in quotation marks. For example in the Tags: section it should look like this Tags: NA, Phrases, “Just for today” “Narcotics Anonymous” Recovery, So hopefully now you have some ideas on what to blog about. Having your own blog can be really fun and it also gives you something productive to do. And every blog entry you write your friends, or anyone if you set it public. Can comment on your blog entry and it’s cool seeing other people opinions.

Post a discussion in the Forum Section.

The Forum is where you can post discussions. Here you can post a question that you have and someone will answer it. you can also just post something that you want people to read and give there opinion on. Even if you don’t want to post a question check the forum section every once in a while and see if you can maybe answer someones question. Or you can add your opinion to a current discussion! when you post a discussion it is the same as the blog with the Tags: and Url.

Upload Pictures & Videos.

I already told you can upload pictures to your profile but this section is different. In this section You can upload pictures and videos For the whole community to see. When you upload a picture please name it, and pictures & videos also have Tags: so people can find them.

A little more info on Tags:

RSN has a search bar on the top right hand side. The whole reason that we put Tags: on our blogs, forum posts and  public pictures and videos is so people can find what you have posted. The more tags: you post the more activity you will get. More hits, and more comments. Now like i said in the blog section when your posting Tags: make sure that you put a comma after any word and any phrase you must put in quotation marks!

Please comment below if you have any questions at all! So this is just a little information on how to use Recovery social Network. But i am sure you have questions! So this is why i wrote this if you have any questions ask me! Just comment on the section below whatever your question may be and i will answer you. Thank you for reading!

Check out Recovery social network, and if you haven’t signed up yet then do it! what’s a few minutes for the rest of your life.

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